Dry ice blasting
Dry ice blasting is one of the most effective methods of cleaning industrial machinery. In contrast to conventional mechanical or chemical cleaning processes, this method conserves resources and is environmentally friendly. Our dry ice blasting equipment uses pellets. These pellets are made from pressed carbon dioxide snow and have a temperature of -79°C. The blasting pressure is aimed at the substrate. Upon contact with the dirt coating, the layer of dirt is immediately subject to ‘undercooling’. Then, due to the blasting pressure, the coating of dirt that is to be removed consolidates and breaks away, without damaging the underlying material. Dry ice blasting is used in industry for removing concretions and incrustations from high-value machinery. Your benefits: Residue-free blasting media Avoids waste Your manufacturing systems are subject to minimal downtime Especially suitable for electrical equipment
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Dry ice blasting
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