Painting or lacquering is one of the most important processes there is: not just in mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing, but in most industrial applications. The pre-processing of the objects to be coated is of the utmost importance. If this work is not carried out carefully, a large proportion of the paint or lacquer etc. is sprayed around unused, affecting the quality of the air in the building. Furthermore, plastics are extremely sensitive to dirt. Even the smallest impurity can have a negative effect on the coating process, making the end product unusable. In order to ensure the very best quality results, paintshops and spray booths must be absolutely clean. This is the only way to guarantee flawless results when painting or coating surfaces. As a specialist in the cleaning of painting and lacquering systems, the RID GROUP offers the following services:  Cleaning of the entire system  Cleaning of air supply and air extractor systems  Ultra-high pressure water blasting of gratings, suspension devices            and lifting tackle  Replacing foils  Coating with strippable lacquers  Changing filters And if required, we are also able to carry out complete waste disposal.
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