One of the RID GROUP’s declared objectives is to support and encourage motivated young people. To this end, since 2012 we have been the Baden- Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)’s partner business. Students complete their academic and theoretical education at one of the DHBW’s sites and the practical component in one of the RID GROUP’s businesses. This results in new synergies arising between the academic and the practical, which the RID GROUP quickly employ in the interest of our clients. This ensures that our clients are always able to profit from the latest academic knowledge. The fact that the RID GROUP were chosen as a partner by the DHBW only serves to underline the esteem that our company is held in, both in the sector and beyond. If you are interested in a dual course of study in one of our businesses, please write to us at:
We keep the promises other people make!
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D-64711 Erbach (Odenwald)
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